Checklist for motor activity boards

Age: With the very first and still very simple motor boards, your children can basically already do this after a few months. Challenging variations with different fasteners and similar tasks become interesting from kindergarten age onwards.

Simple: In the simplest versions, only parts are placed along the board. There are no concrete goals or tasks yet. If it comes up, simple colour sorting is added.

Tricky: The more comprehensive motor skills boards offer much trickier tasks. Belt buckles, shoe laces, snap fasteners and other variations train fine motor skills and, in many cases, other important activities such as tying shoes.

On the move: Some motor boards are also specially designed for use on the move. They are easy to fold up and can be conveniently taken to the next visit to the grandparents or on holiday using the carrying handle. Plus point: This can be an ingenious activity for long car journeys.


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