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My name is James Peters. I met my wife Olivia at college when we lived in Winchester. Now we have our own store of educational products for playrooms in London. Toys, furniture for children's room and even kid's physical development equipment. The idea of creating this store came to us after the birth of our twins Lily and Jacob. All parents want the best for their children, just like Olivia and me.

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Therefore, it was very important for us that everything in the nursery was of high quality, environmentally friendly and would contribute to the all-round development of our kids. If you have ever been engaged in the arrangement of a children's room, then you know how many things there are needed. Toys, high chairs, tables, beds, storage systems for everything from clothes to toys and books, items for physical development. Oof. In addition, we wanted the items in the kid's room to be made of wood and natural materials, because it is environmentally friendly and reliable.

It was quite difficult to find all of this and that is why we wanted to help parents and create a store they would be sure of where the best toys and products for children and the nursery are collected.

In our store you will find toys for the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities of children at an early age, furniture suitable for children and children's rooms, equipment for physical development, which can be used indoor. And many more.

Our direct cooperation with workshops, manufacturers and exclusive dealers from different countries ensures that we offer only high-quality products.

What is also important, all the products in our store have been tested not only by specialists, but also by our small experts: Lily and Jacob.

about us_activity-board.shop

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