Activity Cubes

Activity cubes are multifaceted variations of Activity boards.

Activity cube is one of the variants of Activity board, it is also called differently, and all these names are appropriate: Busy cube, Sensory cube, Montessori cube, Motor cube.
Like Activity boards of other types, Activity cubes contribute to the development of such skills as Fine motor skills, Life skills, Cognitive development, Independent play of a child.

But then what is the feature of Activity cube?
The shape, as the name implies.
As a rule, the Activity cube is smaller, respectively suitable for smaller play areas.
Due to the fact that all the elements are placed on several faces, each of the faces contains fewer elements or even a single thematic one. This allows to concentrate on the game for those children who find it difficult to perceive many elements on the Activity board at once.
Often it is Activity cubes that contain a loop with balls on their upper face.
Activity cubes are often made of fabric, for example, felt, and the elements are attached to them with Velcro. Such cubes are more often called sensory activity cube.
Due to their size, as well as the elements traditionally used on the Activity cube, they are usually suitable for the youngest children. From the age of 6 months, your babies can try to assemble a sorter, play the xylophone, or move figures through the maze, turn gears or move the abacus. At the same time, learning a lot about the world around them.

In addition, and we consider this very important, all our products are safe and made of eco materials, primarily wooden. And if paints are used, then these are safe and eco-friendly paints. is happy to encourage your child's development.

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