Musical Toys

We raise young musicians.

A lot of things are called musical toys. From battery-powered toys that sing songs to a child, to a xylophone. Let's explain right away, we talk about and present in our store only those musical toys where the child must extract the sound on his/her own: a drum, a guitar, a xylophone for the youngest.
Why such an approach? A toy that plays music when you press a button is quite difficult to call educational. The child, playing with it, understands only that when you press the button, a song sounds from somewhere in the toy.

And what about simple musical toys?
But with them everything is much more interesting, playing with such toys a child can:
- highlight and get acquainted with individual sounds, hear the difference between them. Agree, the drum, xylophone and guitar make very different sounds;
- understand the causal relationship "my actions are the appearance of sound". Thereby to get acquainted with the physical “real” world. Where the sound is born from one influence or another, and not from pressing a button.
- start getting acquainted with the mechanism of music. Different notes, their different sound, how different the different sequences of notes sound.

That is why in our store you will find only simple musical toys that do not give such a variety of sounds. But they show the diversity of the world and music.

In addition, and we consider it very important, all our products are safe and made of eco materials, primarily wooden. And if paints are used, then these are safe and eco-friendly paints. is happy to encourage your child's development.

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