Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play toys are the most popular categories of Role play toys.

All children, regardless of age, like to imitate the adults. This is what all the education of young children is based on. The adult shows - the child follows.
From about the age of two, children become interested in role-plays. Plays in which children do not just imitate, but act out some life situations, thereby realizing and experiencing them.

That is why games and sets from this category are so popular. Children's kitchens and workbenches, toy dishes and tool kits, products and sets for tea ceremonies, toy sized shops, coffee makers, stoves, cleaning kits, putting to bed - some of this will surely appeal to your toddler.

We would separately mention the sets of the doctor, dentist and hairdresser. If your kids are afraid, for example, of going to the doctor, buy them a pretend play set with medical instruments and let them play with it as much as they want. Through the play, children experience and comprehend their own difficult experience. Most likely, after a certain amount of time, when all relatives, dolls and animals will be treated more than once, your child will "suddenly" begin to perceive a trip to the doctor much more calmly.

In addition, and we consider it very important, all our products are safe and made of eco materials, primarily wooden. And if paints are used, then these are safe and eco-friendly paints. is happy to share emotions with your children.

9 products

9 products