Choosing a sports complex for a child

Choosing a sports set for a child

Constant movement and regular exercise is very useful for the child, who is just growing and gaining strength. It is possible to organize a place for physical activity even in a small city apartment. This has become available since children's sports centers appeared that amaze us with their shapes and equipment, and in addition are able to give your child the benefits and joy.

The benefits of exercise

Children are very mobile, they can run between the rooms for a long time, jumping from beds, windowsills, climb into cabinets. Such entertainment is very dangerous, so parents should think about buying a sports corner. 

The main advantages:

  • Teaches children to constantly engage in sports;
  • Helps the growing child's body become strong and enduring faster;
  • Used to perform a number of exercises to prevent the development of diseases of the feet and back;
  • Exercise strengthens your baby's mental health and helps kid cope better with stress;
  • Helps to preserve the furniture and decor in the apartment safe and secure.

Sports centers are good not only for physical development, but also allow your kid to have fun and have fun with friends: ride on swings, roll down the slide or arrange a race to see who can climb the rope faster.

Indoor and outdoor options

Version for home can perfectly fit into the overall picture of the interior, while not violating its harmony and integrity. Sports elements can be easily moved and interchanged at your own discretion.

Swedish Ladder - Natural
Outdoor set has already more impressive size and a variety of large elements - mazes, slides, merry-go-round, a variety of obstacles. To install such an option will require a lot of free space. It will be suitable for placement on the territory of a house with a plot.

Raw materials for production

Sports centers are produced from metal or wood. These options have their own distinctive features:

  • Sets made of wood have less weight than metal, are environmentally friendly and do not slip. Some sets provide the possibility of repainting;
  • Metal sets - durable, wear-resistant, able to withstand considerable load;
  • Combined sets - wooden and metal complexes are complemented by plastic elements to exclude traumatization;
  • Which center to choose: wood or metal, depends on the anticipated load.

Form and dimensions

Sports center for children is divided by shape into several types:

  • Trapezoidal: usually, have a maximum package set, so it performs the role of a full-fledged gym for a child. Completed with a wall, monkey bars, gladiator net, rings, hammocks, slides, etc;
  • U-shaped: large-sized sets with a variety of sports elements: ladders, rope, net, mats, etc;
  • Corners placed in a single plane (a chin-up bar, a wall, a rope or a net). Suitable for standard exercises.

The size of the sports set depends on the size of available space.
Indoor climbing frame for toddlers

Mounting methods

There are several ways of fastening:

  • The strut method. Refers to the ceiling and floor sets, which are in one plane. Installation does not require drilling holes in the wall;
  • Wall mounting. Refers to separate types of equipment, such as a chin-up bar;
  • Floor sets. Stable, oversized, equipped with a maximum number of sports equipment. The size, and, accordingly, the area where the installation of the complex is planned, can be different

Swedish Ladder - Natural

Equipment of a center

The choice of equipment depends on a number of factors: the size of the available space, the preferences of the kid and the budget of the family. Types of sports elements:

  • Rope ladder. Helps develop dexterity, massaging the feet well;
  • Bungee. Has the form of a seat attached to a rope. It can be used as a swing or rope. For full use, you need a lot of free space;
  • Slide, sandpit, house, climbing wall. Such elements will not only develop the physical health of your baby, but also greatly delight him;
  • Hammock, swings. More suitable for passive recreation and as additional entertainment;
  • Trapeze. Has the form of a perch, which is suspended on 2 ropes. Can be used as a swing and a way for flips;
  • Chin-up bar. Can be attached separately or on top of the wall. Helps stretch the spinal column, train grip and endurance. Suitable for older children to train their shoulders, arms, and abs;
  • Rope. It is fixed to the ceiling or to the chinning bar. Using the rope primarily strengthens the arm, back and leg muscles;
  • Rings. Also, like the rope, has a ceiling mount. Help stretch the spinal column, and develop the muscles in the arms;
  • Tilt Bench. Used to strengthen the abs. Attaches to the bar on the wall. Preferred for teenagers.

Child's age

There is no universal type of sports sets, so it is necessary to take into account individual aspects: age, height, desire, level of activity and hobbies of the child. It is worth remembering that the sports corner must change depending on changes in these parameters. Recommendations for choosing a set for children:

  • For children under two years old, you can buy "houses" made of textile or soft toys in the form of different animals;
  • For children under five years old a sports set with a horizontal bar, swings, a rope and trapeze will do. Between the bars the distance is no more than 23 cm. A significant addition will be a mat;
  • From 5 years old you can buy a center, where, between the bars on the wall, the distance will be no more than 26 cm. Additional equipment can already be varied;
  • For teenagers you can buy products with a horizontal bar, a punching bag.

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