DIY or Buy: Activity Board for Kids

From what age is a chalkboard suitable for teaching?


The boards we know are often in the form of small or large wooden walls that are attached upright to the wall. Babies and toddlers can play on these boards when they can sit up freely and independently. This can happen from the 6th month, but usually happens later. The activity board can be played with actively when your baby can sit up and the tasks on the wall are at sitting or standing height. Of course, higher light switches or cords also "entice" your child to practice standing, etc.


Which wood can be used for making activity boards?


In principle, almost any wood is suitable. Since you are likely to buy a wooden board in a DIY store, you will have to rely on what is on offer there. We advise against using too thin plywood boards; the wood should be more stable.


Depending on the style, you can also use white veneered wooden boards. The main thing is that the wood is


stable and does not break easily


Be natural or treated with natural oils


Be able to screw together securely and tightly


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