Home Indoor Play Equipment: What is it?

What is the indoor playground equipment for home use

So, you have already understood that the development of gross motor skills is important for your child. You have probably already studied which exercises and games can contribute to the development of gross motor skills of children. And you even understand which of them you can play at home. But today's parents cannot always play games together with their children. Yes, and the child needs space for independent activities and games.

So in this article we want to tell you what kind of indoor playsets is suitable for child's rooms, which will develop gross motor skills and the kids can play with you and independently.

To begin with, let's determine the age of the child. Most of the sports equipment is suitable for children of different ages, from one to six years. Just at different ages, children will come up with more and more fun with physical development equipment. However, there are some elements that will either be completely uninteresting for older children, or will not yet be able to be used by young children.

For children from one year old, you can place indoor equipment such as:

Of course, such small children will need help and insurance from an adult. Not everything at once they will succeed. But you will be surprised at the enormous potential inherent in your kids, if only you give them the opportunity to develop it.

Set Swing and board

For kids from two to five years old you can buy this indoor equipment for the physical development:

  • Pikler. They come in the shape of both arches and triangles and are often equipped with attachable boards that can be used to climb up on it and roll down like a slide and in general to build quite a complicated obstacle course
  • Balancing paths
  • Balancers of different shapes and difficulty
  • From the age of two, a child will be able to use or at least try to use simple jungle gyms

Kids from the age of five, in addition to the fact that they will definitely find how to use the sports structures that you bought them when they were younger, will definitely like multifunctional jungle gyms.

And now let's take a closer look at each element of your future toy gym.

A simple slide for a toddler from one year
Children's Wooden Slide - Scandi - GrayThe most important thing is that it should be stable, sturdy of quality materials and with quality workmanship so that your baby does not get hurt.


Montessori Swing Pastel 5-in-1

 They help to develop a sense of balance. When your child grows up a little, such an arch can be turned over and used as an Pikler arch, developing all new skills.

Montessori Rainbow Swing 5-in-1

And if it comes with a board/ramp to roll or climb on it, it will make a whole obstacle course at home

Pastel swing and board

Classic Pikler Triangles

Climbing Triangle

There are folding and non-folding. With or without additional elements. Which one to choose depends only on the wishes of you and your child, as well as the availability of space. This is the most basic element of an indoor wooden playground.

Ladder Pikler - Black

Ladder Pikler - White

Pikler climbing triangle

Balancers and balance paths

Balance Stones


When unfolded, balancing paths take up a little more space than balancers. But you can think of many different games with them, from just walking, to stepping on the path elements laid out in different shapes etc. The balancing path is suitable for children aged two and above.

Balancing bars

Whereas balancers are suitable for children aged three, four, five and above. Depending on the difficulty.

Balance board

Gross motor skills toy - Balance board

Jungle gyms

Already from the age of two it is possible to install a simple jungle gym combined with a Pikler in the nursery. Maybe not right away, maybe at the beginning your child will need your help or hint, but most likely your kid will quite quickly understand how to climb on this interesting construction.

Triangle Climbing Ladder for Kids

Multifunctional jungle gym for a child of four, five years and older.
As a rule, such indoor wooden playground has many elements in the set. 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1 and even more. The set may include Climbing Net, Swedish Ladder, Swing Rings, Swing-board, Slide. The choice here depends on your and your kid´s wishes, the availability of space to install such an indoor kid`s gym and budget.

Wooden climbing frame

Climbing wall for children

Playground for Children

And no matter what content you choose for your child's room sports area, the main thing is that doing sports should be fun and enjoyable. Ensure that your child is safe when playing sports at home, and otherwise, let it be his or her choice as to what to do and how to do it.

At activity-board.shop we have a whole collection of different indoor sports equipment for kids from one to six years.

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