How to develop gross motor skills

Developing Gross Motor Skills in Children: Tips and Activities

Since it is the gross motor skills at preschool age that will largely determine the development of fine motor skills, it is necessary to devote time to the child from birth.

From an early age, place the baby on its stomach: this exercise makes the back and neck muscles work better. Help your baby learn how to roll over: use toys and your voice.

As soon as the baby learns to turn over, move all the developmental activities to the floor - both for safety reasons, and so that the baby is surrounded by more stimuli. In this environment, your baby learns new skills faster and develops existing ones.

Pikler climbing triangle

Do the simplest exercises with your baby, do it with a fitball, swim in the bath at home. The most elementary exercises are of great benefit for mastering the gross motor skills, have a positive impact on the speed and quality of their development by children.

Try not to limit the child's freedom during the mastering of new movements. Encourage your child's attempts to explore the house, climb all the stairs on the playground together, invent new games. Use the word "no" only in case of real danger.

You can do daily exercises with simple movements of the arms, legs and body. Or you can just dance. Moving to rhythmic music engages a whole group of muscles and trains different gross motor skills. All young children love to play ball - throw it, push it, catch it. In addition to fun, a variety of ball games develops the hands, leg muscles, movement coordination.

Basketball for children is a fun and interesting sport that kids love. During the game, children run, jump, bend, engage their hands.

Bowling at home with a child is a wonderful educational game for your baby. Bowling pins are surprisingly useful and convenient toys and that is equally fun to play with at home and outside. During movement games with bowling pins a child trains not only muscles, but also his or her understanding of size, dexterity and thinking.

Big Ball Pits playset

Ball pit is a kind of container with soft, thick walls, filled with colored, bright, plastic balls. In such a ball pit you can dive, jump, hide and play a variety of games. Children do not need to be taught in the ball pit, they will decide what to do there - to dive or to put the balls by color.

What could be more fun than sliding. Children can crawl up and down the slide, which strengthens their muscles.

Bicycle, scooter, and run bike. Different in principle, but similar in purpose items will make walking fun, as well as improve coordination And this is not the only benefit of such activities for development. Those who love these vehicles have better developed interhemispheric coupling in the brain, which affects the speech and intellectual abilities.

By developing gross motor skills, you strengthen bodily health of your kids, help them adapt better to the world around, give them the opportunity to learn how to control their bodies, expand their horizons and stimulate cognitive activity.

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