10 ideas for fun games with the Pyramid Toy

A Pyramid Stacking Toy is probably the most popular and traditional toy for kids. It is very important in the development of fine motor skills, introduces colors, develops logical thinking and coordination of movements. There are many variations of Pyramid Stacking Toys. They differ in size, shape and material, so it is easy to choose a suitable game for children's pyramid.

Wooden large pyramid


Believe it or not but you can play with the pyramid in a variety of games, starting from the age of the baby at 6 months. At this age, as a rule, he already knows how to sit and learns to manipulate various objects. Let's introduce your child to his first tower in an exciting game.


How to play with a pyramid from 6 months

Taking off the rings. The very first game with the pyramid for such a baby is to learn how to remove the rings from the pyramid. Show how you need to lift the ring up. Take off the pyramid rings one by one, holding them out to your child. Let your baby carefully examine and feel each one.


Build a tower. Repeat these steps together with your child, helping him/her raise the rings up. Rings removed from the pyramid can be put on top of each other without using the rod of the pyramid, and after finishing the construction have fun destroying the tower with your child.


Building a Path. If your kid is not tired, suggest that he/she build a path from rings. The size of rings does not matter, let the bear walk along the path, stepping on each ring.

Stacking game - Wooden truck

How to play with a pyramid from 9 months

The next stage of games with a pyramid is the stringing of rings. For a toddler, such a task will be much more difficult to perform, so be patient and start classes no earlier than 8-9 months. Support your child's hand, comment on his actions and say the color of the selected ring.

How to play with a pyramid from 1 year

Big-Little. At this age, you can begin to familiarize your child with the mathematical concepts of "big" and "small. Choose two rings from the pyramid, significantly different in size. Talk about which ring is big and which is small. Then have your child choose a big ring and put it on the rod. Continue until all the rings are done.

Compare by size. Comparing the sizes of the rings, you can play the game "We receive guests". Tell your baby that you are about to visit a family of bears - the father-bear, mother-bear and little son Teddy. And the guests you will treat. Rings of the pyramid are plates. We will need three rings. Invite your baby to take plates, that is, remove them from the pyramid. Arrange the rings in descending order and describe the sequence. Large plate, smaller plate and the smallest plate.

Ask your child to feed a family of bears, placing each bear on the appropriate size plate. If the child has trouble doing it by himself, help and comment on his actions. After everyone has eaten, put the dishes away. String rings on a rod with your child.

Multicoloured wooden sorter

What are the benefits of playing with the pyramid:

  • develops fine motor skills and coordination of movements;
  • contributes to the development of speech and logical thinking;
  • an excellent tool for acquaintance with colors, figures, the concepts of "top-bottom," "more-lower," "over-under," the study of numbers.
  • The most important purpose of the pyramid - is to teach a child to string the rings in the correct order. But not the only one, so it is possible to think of different games that will be interesting to the child.

Games with a pyramid

  • Build a tower out of rings without a rod.
  • Make a path out of rings. At first in a scattered fashion, then you can go from bigger to smaller.
  • Spin rings on the floor "in a wavy pattern" or roll them, placing them on the edge on the floor or down slides.
  • Circle the rings on paper. The resulting circle can be painted in color rings.
  • Rings may be strung not only on a pyramid rod. Suitable pencil, ribbon, stick, brought from the street.
  • Take a ring and ask your child to bring objects of the same color.
  • Pyramid rings can be bagels, plates, saucers, etc. Use this in the game, for example, suggesting that the child give tea to guests (take soft toys as guests) and treat them to bagels.
  • Dexterity Game. Throw rings in a basket or a box.
  • Assemble a pyramid with eyes closed (from three years old).
  • It is possible to string hair ribbons on a stem of a pyramid.

To assemble the pyramid in the right order your child learns about 1.5 to 2 years, so choose games according to its age - from simple up to difficult.

Montessori wooden pyramid - Amanita


Our Pyramide Stacking Toys are made of high quality wood and are painted with only water-based and non-toxic colors. Our store is about eco-friendly and developing toys for our next and better generation.


But no matter what toys you finally choose for your children, the main thing is that it gives your child fun and joy, and, of course, supports and strengthens it in its development. Our product range will make your choice much easier. Please have a look. We look forward to seeing you!

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