8 Key Things About Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground equipment

Indoor playground equipment for the home allows healthy climbing and romping even in bad weather. But incorrectly installed, the playground in the children's room can also become a danger.

No matter if indoor climbing frame, trampoline for children, indoor swing or indoor slide: playground equipment in the children's room that promotes movement supports physical development and makes children more mentally balanced. But how to place indoor playground equipment for home in the children's room? Which ones should you choose and what should be considered for the safety of the offspring?

The indoor playground in the children's room: ideas for indoor playground equipment for the home

What are the benefits of indoor playground equipment for home?

Children need a lot of exercise. It provides a balance to sitting still while learning, watching TV or playing quietly. When climbing and jumping, they get rid of pent-up energy and feel more comfortable and relaxed afterwards. They strengthen their muscles, train their balance and practice coordinating their movements. As a result, they become more adept at using their own bodies, improve their athletic performance, and also run less risk of injury from minor and major mishaps and accidents in everyday life. Indoor playground equipment for the home makes this training possible at any time, even in bad weather.

Slide-Climbing triangle


What's wrong with the climbing frame in the children's room?

However, wild play on the climbing frame indoor, violent swings or exuberant jumping on the trampoline for children also involves dangers. Childish clumsiness, carelessness or overestimation of one's own abilities can easily lead to falls and injuries. Especially in the children's room, the dear little ones are often unsupervised for a short time and can try dangerous tricks without timely intervention of parents. Therefore, it is important to select and secure indoor playground equipment at home. Under no circumstances should children have equipment in their nursery that is not yet suitable for their age or may not be able to support their weight.


But also for another reason, you should carefully consider the purchase of indoor raving toys in advance. Romping children usually get very loud. They laugh, squeal, stomp and jump with loud thuds on the floor. Therefore, if you have noise-sensitive neighbors or occasionally need peace and quiet in the house yourself, it is better to provide more opportunities for movement outdoors. Taking away the indoor toy for home afterwards means not only loss of money but also a bitter disappointment for the children.


Where is there room for an indoor climbing frame?

An indoor climbing frame takes up a relatively large amount of space and must be securely fixed so that it does not fall over with the child. Most variants are bolted to the wall. In this case, they often combine well with a loft bed or offer the possibility of using the space above the bed. However, you then lose one side of the scaffolding for climbing, and the safe swing space for an indoor swing is also often not given. If the children's room is large enough, you can also choose a model that is fixed to the ceiling or floor. This should be placed in the center of the room and have plenty of free, well-padded space all around. Falls on sharp edges of other furniture or hard toys lying around must be excluded!

An indoor slide for the child?

An indoor slide offers a lot of fun and can be used safely even by the smallest children. Slides for toddlers are not very high and can be easily put aside when not in use. However, care must be taken that they do not fall over and that the child slides down at the end to a free area of at least one meter. Therefore, an indoor slide fixed to an indoor climbing frame is a better solution for older children who might set up or move free-standing equipment on their own.

Children's wooden slide Montessori

Is an indoor trampoline for kids useful?

When it comes to indoor trampoline for kids, be careful. There is a great risk of injury here if the child's coordination skills are not yet up to the equipment. Also, a trampoline for children must be secured with a net against accidental jumping out. The covering must not have gaps large enough for the child's foot to get caught in them, and the frame must be well padded. But it does not necessarily have to be a trampoline for children. A bouncy mat, which can also be used as a soft protection against falls from the swing or the climbing frame for indoor games, offers a lot of bouncy fun for the little ones.


Why a play tent in the children's room?


A play tent is a retreat where the child can find rest and relaxation after or between romps. At the same time, the tent encourages imaginative play in which it can become a house, cave, Indian tent and much more. A freestanding play tent is best placed in a secluded corner of the room. Especially for small children, it should be padded with a blanket and seat cushions for cuddling. An exciting and space-saving alternative for children is a play tent mounted on an indoor swing. However, it can become a hindrance when older children swing violently.


Does indoor playground equipment for home need to be located in the children's room?

For older children, indoor climbing frame can be placed in a gymnasium in the basement or attic. Here, a wide-swinging indoor swing or rings can be well fixed to the ceiling. There is enough space for wall bars without having to do without a closet, and you can possibly accommodate a second indoor swing, so that board swing and cozy nest swing do not exclude each other.

Montessori Rainbow Swing 5-in-1

What to do if there is not enough space for an indoor climbing frame?

But large equipment is not absolutely necessary for romping in bad weather. There are also many smaller indoor playground equipment for home. Bouncy ball, balance board, bouncy cushion, skipping rope or the good old rocking horse are just a few examples.


But no matter what equipment you finally choose for your children, the main thing is that it gives your child fun and joy, and, of course, supports and strengthens it in its development. Our product range will make your choice much easier. Please have a look. We look forward to seeing you!

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