Pikler triangle or rocking arch: which to choose

Pikler triangle or climbing arch / rocker: what to choose?

Are you choosing between a Pikler triangle and a rainbow rocker and don't know which to choose? Let's take a closer look at both of them and find out what the advantages of each are.

Pikler triangle and climbing arch / rocker - similarities and differences

The traditional Pikler is a large wooden triangle with slatted ladder sides. It may or may not be foldable.

Climbing Triangle

Climbing arches, they are also rainbow rockers, are shaped like a semi-circular ladder. They are almost like wooden bridges for climbing, but they can also be rockers.

Montessori Rainbow Swing 5-in-1

Parameters / purpose / features Rocker Pikler triangle 
Seesaw You can play on it like a seesaw You cannot use it like a seesaw
Wall bar The kid can climb on the turned over arch but just a little. It does not perform the function of the wall bars An analogue of the wall bar for younger children: they can climb up and down the stairs and under the triangle, walk holding on to it, etc.
Creative development Rocker, bridge, doll beds, chair, shop counter, puppet theater screen  A small house, a dollhouse, a tunnel, a tent
Physical development It develops the vestibular apparatus and large motor skills It affects all muscle groups, develops large motor skills, spatial perception
Part of the sports and gaming set It can be part of a sports and gaming set. Can be combined with a ramp and a Pikler triangle It can become part of a sports and gaming set. It can be combined with a ramp and an arch or a climbing wall
Use in a confined space It is not foldable, but can be disassembled if necessary There is a folding option 
Minuses Bulky, it's hard to store if you don't have a lot of space You need the right size. If the size of the product does not fit, it will be either small or unsafe for the kid

Note that there are many modifications of the Pikler triangle and they are designed for different ages. The lower the ladder, the younger the age it is aimed at.

It's important to understand that Pikler and climbing arch are not interchangeable. And ideally, if you want full development for your child on different muscle groups, it is better to have both Pikler and rocker on hand. But if you're not ready to buy both devices yet, then prioritize based on the pros and cons and benefits of each product. 
Ladder Pikler - White

Let's add that if both items will be in the family, you can combine the Pikler with an climbing arch. Or make up a climbing set that has a triangle, an arch and a ramp/slide. So it will be more interesting for the kids to exercise: they will be able to design exercisers for sports activities and many games will become more exciting.
Set: Swing and board

There are many ways to use the Pikler triangle and the climbing arch. Choose to your liking.

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