What to do with children at Easter

Easter Fun for Kids: Ideas to Keep Them Engaged All Day!

Greetings from the Easter Bunny! Easter time always means lots of family time. Children are more likely to be interested in the Easter bunny and the colorful eggs. This enthusiasm can be used to develop wonderful Easter rituals that will make the holiday even more exciting. And we want to offer you some ideas on how to celebrate Easter with your child.

  1. Coloring eggs together for Easter

Coloring eggs with your own hands will really help you create a festive mood. If you are going to colour eggs together with children, it is better to use hard-boiled eggs for this. You can use special paints for coloring eggs, they will give a richer color. With homemade paints, the result is less intense, but more eco-friendly and more exciting for kids. So take spinach, red cabbage and so on! And, of course, don't forget about the stickers!

  1. Bake light Easter treats

Bake, bake an Easter cake! Children love to help in the kitchen. But there are a few more recipes that are perfect for the Easter: delicious Easter cake, carrot cake without sugar or funny Easter bunnies. Easter baking is a pleasant ritual that will help even small children to tune in to the holidays. Then the children can proudly serve treats that they have prepared themselves.

Toy stove and pastry set

  1. Decorate the Easter bush together

A very, very traditional ritual. Twigs can be purchased at the farmer's market, in a flower shop. And it's even better to collect them yourself outdoors during an Easter walk. Just choose a few beautiful twigs — for example, from a willow, a flowering shrub or a tree and put them at home in a vase with water. If you put a bush in a vase, you can hang homemade eggs on it. You can also tie strips of colored paper or other handmade decorations to the twigs.

  1. Do crafts together

Even before Easter you can for example make an Easter egg basket, colorful egg cups or Easter bunnies.

  1. Send an Easter greeting

A few days before Easter, you can prepare Easter cards for loved ones together. Easter coloring books, for example, are suitable for young children. You can also draw the outline of an egg and your child will color it. The egg can be colored or glued. An Easter greeting is a great Easter ritual to please friends and family.

  1. Prepare an Easter breakfast

When Easter finally arrives, you can set and decorate the table together. Place plates, colorful napkins, and cutlery on the table. By no means you should forget to put a beautifully decorated Easter bush on the table. As well as the treats you baked together. Maybe you can choose a beautifully decorated hard-boiled egg for each guest and place it on an appropriate plate. Otherwise, you can think of other delicacies for the Easter breakfast: fresh fruit, pancakes or scrambled eggs. That way you will make Easter a real event.

Play set for preparing breakfast

  1. Easter egg hunt

Of course, celebrating Easter with your toddler also includes an Easter egg hunt! This is fun not only for the kids, but also for the parents. Think in advance about two options: for good weather - the eggs can be hidden outdoor, but if the weather is not suitable for walking - the eggs can be hidden indoor.

In any case, we wish you a fun and interesting time with your children at Easter. Because, of course, the most important thing for children is not how beautiful your eggs or even how tasty Easter treats will be, but that parents will spend time with them.

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