Teepees and Playmats

Kid´s own quiet corner.

Who among us has not built forts and houses from improvised resources. First of all, it's fun! Secondly, it is your own house in the house. This is a place where the child and only the child is the rightful owner. He or she can invite friends to visit, and maybe dolls. And if the kid wants to, he/she will sit alone with a book or play with toys. Children need to have a place where they are the rightful owners, where everything is according to their rules. It engrafts independence, responsibility, helps to cope with the emotions and just be alone with yourself. What we all lack so much in the modern world. That is why children are so fond of building various "shelters" for themselves. But why build from improvised materials, if parents can buy a child such a quiet corner. Teepee is better suited for this. They come in different formats and sizes. You can choose the play tent that is suitable for the size of your apartment. And without much effort create a corner for the child in which he or she will feel like a rightful owner.

It is desirable to buy a teepee with a mat - it will be much more comfortable to lie and play on it than just on the floor or even on a blanket. Moreover, it is not necessary to sacrifice bedding, and the mat itself will match the teepee design, which will only please the child.

In addition, and we consider it very important, all our products are safe and made of eco materials. And if paints are used, then these are safe and eco-friendly paints.

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