How to choose a teepee for kids: what to consider?

How to choose a teepee for children

Own territory, albeit small - something every child dreams of, even if he/she has a separate room. After all, this room, one way or another, is controlled by parents, and the kid often wants to have his/her own, just his/her own corner. That's why children love to make tents out of improvised means, creating a shelter that is so cozy and comfortable, you can retire and "hide" from everyone. But why make a temporary "shelter" if you can buy a permanent - parents may well buy a children's teepee. It will be a great addition to the game, and the very "fortress" in which you can feel comfortable and cozy.

But before you buy a teepee, you need to decide on its characteristics, because the safety of the game depends on them. And safety - above all. However, as well as comfort.

What kind of teepees are there?

Despite the fact that the name suggests one type of construction, a child's teepee can be anything. This is a classic "tent" consisting of four bearing parts with a stretched tent, a more modern "house", and even a "multi-room" house with aisles. But, for all the variety in design, the design of the tent always consists of a frame on which the tent is attached.

Play tent for kids

Criteria for choosing a teepee

Buying such a "dwelling", you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

The size of the design;
Characteristics of the frame;
Characteristics of the tent;
Additional options;

Let's take a closer look at each of these characteristics

The size of the tepee

Of course, the bigger the better. But you need to proceed from the size of the room where the tent will be installed, especially if it will stand permanently as part of the interior. In a small room, a too large teepee will take up too much space. A universal option will be a design with a width and length of just over 1 meter, with a height of about 1.5 meters. This is enough for games and recreation for a child of 6-7 years.

Characteristics of the frame

Manufacturers of children's teepees use wooden slats to make the frame. Since the slats are round, they are safer, and due to the selection of optimal diameter, the use of not the densest varieties of wood, the frame will be quite light. This means that even if the teepee falls, it will not bruise the child. At the same time the strength of the slats is quite high, it will be difficult to break them.

Also, many manufacturers make frames from bamboo - it is environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight material. A more affordable alternative - plastic, which, moreover, does not cause allergies and is easy to clean.

When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to the quality of woodworking - there should be no burrs and other defects. In addition, the frame must be ergonomic, that is, easy to disassemble and fold - if the teepee is not constantly used. And also it allows you to take the house with you to the country house, on a visit or at sea, if the child is difficult to part with his/her "shelter".

Pay attention to the stability of the teepee - its sides, the base must be securely fixed, and the framework must be stable, so it will not topple over with every awkward movement.

Characteristics of the canvas cover

For the child, it is the appearance that matters, and for parents - safety and practicality. From this point of view, it is better to choose natural fabrics - linen, cotton. They are good air permeable, enough light, hypoallergenic, easy to care for.

Play tent for children's room


It would seem that there should be no problem with the appearance of the house, because they are all beautiful. But, firstly, the design must match the child's tastes, and tastes are formed quite early. Secondly, the tent must fit into the interior of the room, because the personal house will be part of the child's room for a long time.

There are no universal recommendations on the appearance of the teepee, because every child is different. And the boy can choose both the classic "Indian" version, as well as more delicate. The same applies to girls.

Additional options

These include the base (mat), pillows, windows, interior and exterior pockets. It is desirable to buy a teepee with a mat - it will be much more comfortable to lie and play on it than just on the floor or even on a blanket. Moreover, it is not necessary to sacrifice bedding, and the mat itself will match the teepee design, which will only please the child.

Pillows will also not be superfluous. They can be used in different ways - as decor, and for direct purposes.

A window in the teepee comes in handy, because the light passes through it, and you can see what's happening outside, without leaving the cozy shelter.

Play house for children

As for the pockets, they are convenient for storing toys, books, art supplies, gadgets, and so on. The presence of pockets makes the tent even more convenient and ergonomic, simplifies cleaning in the room.

Quality of the teepee

Of course, all of the above will not be useful if you buy a low-quality product. Bad fasteners, sloppy woodworking, uneven seams on the fabric or protruding threads, too weak seams that come apart at the slightest effort, "loose" fabric. All this will spoil the impression of the game in a few days. So when buying carefully check the quality of the frame, canvas cover.

To summarize

If you want to buy a children's teepee in the online store, it is better to pay attention to the products of well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. That way you are guaranteed to find a durable, safe and sturdy teepee for exciting games and recreation of your child.


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