Ball Pits and Playgrounds

Mini playground at home

Children of any age really like to go to playgrounds. It is not always possible to visit the playground for various reasons. Therefore, in this collection we have collected for you products that will allow you to make a mini play area at home.
After all, it's not only fun, although that would already be enough. Playing on the playground contributes to the physical and sensory development of children, increasing their strength and agility. Also, large soft elements of the playground, from which various structures can be built, contribute to the development of spatial imagination, logical and creative thinking.

Depending on the area that you are ready to allocate at home for the playground, you can combine elements of this collection. Here you can find:
Ball pits - different colors, with different number of balls also of different colors. Ball pit is something that almost all children love.
Soft large sets - they can be in set with Ball pits, forming a single playground, they can also be separately. Different shapes and sizes.
Soft mats - of course, activities on the playground suggest possible falls, so we highly recommend that you buy soft mats for your mini game room at home to prevent serious injuries.

Covers of all soft elements (whether eco leather or fabric) can be easily removed and washed. is happy to create children's rooms based on the needs of the child.
26 products

26 products