For Children from 0 to 1 years

What educational toys and elements of a children's room does an infant in the first year of life need?

It doesn't matter what you buy for your child, an educational toy, furniture for the children's room or elements of the play and sports area. Such a purchase will be as useful, effective as possible and will bring the greatest amount of pleasure to your child if it suits him or her by age, so we have collected for you the entire range of products of our store by age, from newborns through toddlers to preschoolers.

Educational toys for infants: at this age, the simplest classic educational toys are suitable for babies. For the youngest, these are rattles. For kids a little older - pyramids, sorters, cubes, balls and lacing, pull and push toys. At about over six months you can already try soft Busy cubes, and by one year you can buy a classic Busy board.
Indoor sports and play area for infants: for a very young baby, on the whole, only a warm soft rug on the floor is important, baby gyms can also be considered. By one year it is already possible to purchase ball pits, pikler triangles, swings and ladders.

For more details, see the collection below.

In addition, and we consider it very important, all our products are safe and made of eco materials, primarily wooden. And if paints are used, then these are safe and eco-friendly paints. is happy to encourage your child's development.

18 products

18 products