Montessori furniture
Montessori furniture
Montessori furniture
Montessori furniture
Montessori Furniture

Gift for a child. Montessori furniture - set for the children's room with two benches

🇨🇭 Made with love and according to Swiss standard 🇨🇭
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Montessori furniture

Montessori furniture set consisting of a large and a small bench

An excellent combination of two benches of different sizes that complement each other perfectly.
As your little one grows, our multifunctional benches will grow with them and will continue to be a popular place for activities to unfold.
The multifunctional bench is able to continuously adapt and transform, not only to the needs of the child but also to those of the whole family.
The multifunctional large, as well as the small bench, can be used in 3 different positions: as a bench with a distance of 21 cm or 32 cm from the floor, and as a table that fits perfectly with the small bench.
Only high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the furniture, which are processed with love and care.
Your child and your family will enjoy our toys and furniture for a long time.
Large bench: 76 × 40 × 50 cm, seat height 21 and 32 cm
The overall dimensions of the small bench are 64 × 34 × 34 cm, the seat height can be 14 or 21 cm from the floor.
FSC-certified beech wood, birch plywood, water-based varnish
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