Kitchen aid tower - Grey
Kitchen Helper Tower Montessori
Kitchen aid tower Montessori made of wood
Kitchen aid tower Montessori made of wood - Grey
Wooden kitchen aid tower with drawing board

Kitchen Helper, Helper Tower for Children - Grey

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Kitchen helper is a combination of safe assembly technology, stable construction and lightness of form with unconventional yet minimalistic design.
With a kitchen platform the child does not only observe the next stages of preparing dishes, but also takes an active part in preparing dishes, covering the table or dishwashing. It is a platform that allows the child to participate in activities related to the preparation of meals.

PHILOSOPHY is a scientific method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. This method emphasizes the simple truth: children learn best when allowed to discover concepts on their own; the child can participate in the life of the family and feels needed; challenging work that focuses the child’s attention and fulfills his needs is always available.
SAFENESS The design of the kitchen helper is stable and allows you to adjust the height of the platform and adapt it to the size of child safety, which has a direct impact on the safety of the child and allows them to go up and down without any help.


  • Dimensions: Total height: 90 cm, Width: 39 cm
  • Adjustable height of the platform with 3 variants (20 – 33 – 46 cm counted from the floor)
  • Adjusting its height doesn't require the use any equipment or strength - just move the platform to the selected bar
  • Products are sent to customers as ready-to-assemble furniture, in a flat pack, with all needed screws.


Recommended age from 1 years. Maximum load 30 kg.
Only use furniture under adult supervision!
Recommended by the manufacturer for use in nurseries and baby development centers.
A room considers a child’s sensory needs and physical abilities.

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